Quantum Code Review

Quantum Code was once the most well-known automated trading scam, but the scam has since been re-purposed. Look up the domain name of the website that you signed up for It’s probably the domain name of a burner.

Read This Article & You Will Understand Why This Software is a Scam!

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Quantum Code

Quantum Code Scam

If you do fall for the most well-known Forex trading fraud, here are some points to be aware of when using this software Quantum Code software.

Do you believe that the software they claim is currently in beta testing can transform the deposit of $250 at the offshore Forex broker into a steady $50,000 per week? Sorry it’s not true, there’s no robot in the trading industry that can create such miracles.

There are thousands of people like you have received an email regarding Quantum Code, but no person actually uses their service. Be aware the fact that Michael Crawford is a fake name, and there’s no money-back assurance. When you have deposited your money and you have it, you won’t ever see it for the next time!

Every government regulator has advised investors of Get Rich Quick crypto trading scams. MoneySmart comes from ASIC in Australia contains a lengthy article explaining what to look out to, read more.

Quantum Code Review

The trading software, which was automated and used by Quantum Code was using, provides you with no control over the outcome. You only have one option to make, and that’s how much money the robot can make on every trade (see the image below).

Then, fast forward to 2021 and there’s no trading application available. Instead, you will be directed towards an online broker located in Mauritius and Dominica.

Let’s say that you have opened an account with $250. You then program the robot to make trades of $25. It could potentially make 10 trades per hour and erase your trading account in a matter of minutes. The Quantum Code program is extremely fast. Quantum Code we have no clue how many trades it could make in a day.

The top-quality Forex robot advisors are equipped with the right risk management features, such as daily maximum limit for trades, stop loss and many more, read more.

Scam Broker Warning

A lot of people utilize automated trading robots and trading systems for trading and investing. Problems arise when an investor invests in an unprofessional broker.

It is important to understand that the program isn’t the place where your money is it is an “Forex broker”. That’s what Quantum Code did, is they ask you to make a deposit before you know the broker that is receiving your money. It’s a complete fraud. They could easily take your money and place it in the hands of a known scam broker, or worse, they could keep your money.